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How New York City Eradicated Graffiti!
City leaders and officials will especially benefit from listening to this audio which discusses the decline of crime in New York, the Broken Window Theory and how Graffiti symbolizes the collapse of the system.  This is an example of how tackling even the smallest of Quality of Life issues helps to eradicate crime.




Fixing Broken Windows

by George L. Kelling & Catherine M. Coles


The authors show that the key to reducing crime is the restoration of order, starting with the smallest of disorder, elimination of graffiti.

"A cogent and compelling how-to-cut-crime book that truly should be read by every police officer, every town-watch organizer, every lawmaker, every policy analyst and every open-minded civil libertarian in America....Mr. Kelling and Miss Coles demonstrate clearly that the broken window thesis is 100 percent correct"
- John J. Dilulio Jr., The Washington Times

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